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Master Classes

Workout Wednesday

We are excited to announce a series of master classes taking place at Volair Kirkby on Wednesday 24th January.

All classes with our brand new instructor Karen.

9.30-10am – Metafit

10.10.45am – Flow Pilates

10.50-11.50am – Yummy Mummy’s 


Metafit is the original group X HIIT workout. 30 minute, non choreographed, bodyweight only workouts that set the metabolism on fire.

Flow Pilates

Anyone can benefit from Pilates. By educating you about your body and teaching intelligent movement Pilates can help you be your best and prevent injury, whether you’re an athlete, office worker, golfer, gardener, have physical challenges or have never exercised before.

Pilates builds strength from the inside, rebalancing and improving posture. It helps reshape the body to become longer, leaner and more toned, developing both strength and flexibility. It is also a great way to relieve unwanted stress and tension.

Yummy Mummy’s

A gentle exercise class using functional exercises to help lose weight, tone up, strengthen the pelvic floor and core muscles and get fit.  It is also a great class to make new friends and to help deal with or prevent post natal depression.

This class is suitable for pregnant ladies (check with your midwife that you are ok to exercise) and for those who have had a baby (you will need to be 6 weeks post natal or 10 weeks of you have had a c section and have had the all clear at your 6 week check up at the GP).

Please ensure you arrive on time so the instructor can check your tummies for recti diastasis and offer advice and guidance with regards to pelvic floor and core exercises to do at home.



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