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Terms and Conditions

Volair Terms & Conditions

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Membership Terms & Conditions

Activities & Class Booking Terms & Conditions

Swimming Pool Admission Policy

Volair Terms & Conditions of Membership

The below specifies the terms and conditions of all memberships.  The member is advised to read the whole of this agreement carefully.  The agreement is between Volair Ltd and you (the member).  Anybody who registers onto Volair’s database is considered a member.

For further information please contact our customer care team on 0151 443 2200.


1.1. Submission of a membership application form online or within any Volair club is an offer by the Member to Volair Ltd to become a member of the club subject to the terms and conditions of this contract

1.2. Upon joining Volair the member consents to having his/her photograph taken by Volair Ltd

1.3. Members applying for a concessionary membership, corporate membership will be required to provide evidence of their eligibility

1.4. Corporate memberships are only applicable to the employee of that organisation and does not extend to family members

Volair Club Usage and Conduct

These rules are to ensure that all members enjoy their experience with Volair, please always observe the following rules:

2.1. Do not park in disabled parking areas unless you have the appropriate blue badge.

2.2. Vehicles parked at any Volair facility are done so at the members own risk

2.3. Access to Volair facilities will not be permitted unless a valid Volair membership card is produced at reception

2.4. Our facilities are a family environment – bad language is not permitted

2.5. Appropriate clothing to suit the activity must be worn

2.6. Smoking is not permitted in any Volair facility

2.7. The taking of pictures/video using a mobile telephone or any other device with camera technology is not permitted in any Volair facility without authorisation from Volair management

2.8. Any person found to be causing deliberate damage to facilities or equipment will be banned from the use of any Volair facility

2.9. Any person found to be deliberately accessing facilities without making the appropriate payment will be banned from the use of any Volair facility

2.10. Property left within any Volair facility is done so at the customers own risk

2.11. If you are receiving any medication or treatment for a heart condition, epilepsy or other condition that could impact on your health and wellbeing, please inform a member of staff prior to commencing your activity

2.12. Please dispose of all litter and chewing gum in the bins provided

2.13. All equipment hired to members by Volair must be returned in good condition otherwise any deposit will be withheld

2.14. Abusive and aggressive behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated, and appropriate action will be taken against perpetrators

2.15. Let us know if something does not meet your expectations


3.1. Your membership is with Volair.  Your membership entitles you to the use of available services and activities across all Volair facilities relevant to your membership

3.2. A gym induction and completion of a PAR-Q form is required prior to using the fitness suite facilities.  You cannot access the fitness suite until your induction is complete.  Please contact the membership team on 0151 443 2200 to book your induction.

3.3. Facilities/service availability: Volair are entitled to make minor alterations, carry out remedial repairs or maintenance without prior notice which may mean that the facilities are not available from time to time. Every consideration will be made to minimise inconvenience and alternative activities will be offered where possible if an activity area is not available. In order to ensure the effective use of the facilities, Volair reserves the right to alter the fitness and activity programmes at any time.

3.5. Membership includes use of the Fitness Suite, Swimming Pool, fitness classes (some restrictions may apply) and off peak usage of badminton and squash (all subject to programming availability) unless otherwise stated

3.6. Restrictions on membership: Silver/Concessionary (Off Peak) memberships entitle use of the facilities Monday to Friday before 4.30pm and anytime during normal opening hours on Saturday and Sunday.  A limited number of fitness classes may incur an additional payment, regardless of membership type. Please confirm with Volair prior to your visit or booking if these additional payments apply. Use of Volair Spa steam, sauna and spa facilities is not part of the membership package, however they may be available at certain times to members. These will be advertised by the Volair. NB an additional charge may be in place for the use of these facilities

3.7. Membership types: we offer minimum term Direct Debit memberships, monthly Direct Debit memberships and annual payment membership options. Minimum term memberships offer the most cost effective membership option

3.8. Membership payments and annual payments are non-refundable in any circumstances

3.9. When joining the annual membership, you will pay for 12 months membership up front. Members will be invited to renew their membership upon expiry or alternatively have the option to switch to a ‘monthly’ Direct Debit membership.

3.10. Joint memberships: To qualify for joint membership, both members are required to live at the same address. Proof of residence must be provided. Joint membership holders are both jointly and individually responsible under these terms and conditions

3.11. It is the Members responsibility to inform us immediately of any changes that may affect their membership or ability to use the facilities / services as refunds cannot be issued.


4.1. Membership fees are usually reviewed on an annual basis but circumstances may dictate an earlier revision. You will be given one months’ notice of any fee change via email

4.2. We will write to inform you of any changes to your direct debit at least 5 days in advance. Direct Debit memberships are subject to price increases in line with our standard fees and charges and Volair reserve the right to review and amend membership subscriptions at any time

4.3. Failure to make any due payment will result in the membership being suspended. Access will be denied until outstanding payment has been made. Any further outstanding account arrears will be payable before reinstatement of any membership scheme run by Volair. Volair retains the right to recover all outstanding balances

4.4. When joining the monthly Direct Debit membership, the first Direct Debit payment due to Volair will be taken on or around the 1st, 8th, 15th or 25th of each month.

4.5. Concessionary (Passport to Leisure) applicable memberships: If your Passport to Leisure expires, the membership payment will revert to the standard rate. It is your responsibility to renew your Passport to Leisure and refunds cannot be offered if your Passport to Leisure has not been renewed

4.6. Missing payments: if you miss two payments you will be deemed to have breached your contract

4.7. Volair will continue to collect your monthly subscription after the minimum contracted period.  A 12 month dedicated will carry on at the lower price until you cancel it.  Should you not wish to continue your membership after the minimum period you must give notice to cancel the contract in the month before the final payment of the minimum period by following the cancellation process (12.1)

4.8. If you wish to cancel the contract at any time after the minimum contracted period you must give one month’s notice.

4.9. All Direct Debit memberships are a chosen agreement between you and Volair Ltd, Debit Finance Collections plc is a collection agent working on behalf of Volair. If you fail to make a payment on time you will incur charges as agreed in the customer contract.

4.9. Late payment charges become payable immediately after they are incurred

Membership Cards

5.1. A membership card will be issued free of charge to all new members

5.2. Your membership card is non-transferable.  You must not allow anyone else to use your card or membership number.  Cards being used by any other person other than the authorised member can result in that membership being cancelled

5.3. If a membership card is lost, stolen or damaged then a replacement card can be purchased from reception at any Volair facility.

5.4. A valid membership card must be produced clearly on each visit.  This can be done at our reception or by swiping your card at any fast track entry point.  If you attend without a valid membership card you will be asked for proof of identification.  After the third consecutive visit without a membership card, you will be asked to pay for a replacement card

Membership Types

6.1. Volair Club Membership (VCM) allows you anytime use during normal opening hours of any Volair club, including use of the fitness suite, swimming pools, gym inductions/programmes, fitness classes (charges could apply for some classes), off peak racquet sports, discounted peak racquet sports, sauna and steam facilities, discount at Volair Spa, discount off children’s parties.  All discounts are subject to change.

6.2. Concessionary Membership allows off peak access to any Volair club during normal opening hours.  Off peak times are defined as weekdays from opening until 4:30pm and anytime during the weekend.  During off peak times members have use of the fitness suite, swimming pools, gym inductions/programmes, fitness classes (charges could apply for some classes), off peak racquet sports, sauna and steam facilities.  Eligibility criteria for members to access a concessionary membership apply.

6.3. Swim Membership allows anytime casual swimming across Volair swimming pools.  Casual swimming is subject to pool availability and programming.

6.4. Swim Membership (Concessionary) allows off peak casual swimming across Volair swimming pools. Off peak times are defined as weekdays from opening until 4:30pm and anytime during the weekend.  Eligibility criteria for members to access a swimming concessionary membership apply.

6.5. One Card Membership allows access to Volair Stockbridge and Prescot Soccer Centre anytime use during normal opening hours of the named Volair club, including use of the fitness suite, swimming* pools, gym inductions/programmes, fitness classes* (charges could apply for some classes), off peak racquet sports*, discounted peak racquet sports*, sauna and steam* facilities.  *Volair Stockbridge only.  Members can also access any other Volair facility during off peak times and have use of the fitness suite, swimming pools, gym inductions/programmes, fitness classes (charges could apply for some classes), off peak racquet sports, discounted peak racquet sports, sauna and steam facilities.

6.6. One Card Membership (Concessionary) is available as a concessionary membership.  Eligibility criteria for members to access a concessionary membership apply.

6.7. Volair Club Membership (Corporate) allows you anytime use during normal opening hours of any Volair club, including use of the fitness suite, swimming pools, gym inductions/programmes, fitness classes (charges could apply for some classes), off peak racquet sports, discounted peak racquet sports, sauna and steam facilities, discount at Volair Spa.  Member’s employer must be registered as a Volair corporate partner and eligibility proof is required.

6.8. Junior Membership (5 – 11 years old) allows unlimited casual swimming at any Volair club during specified junior swimming sessions.  Junior swimming is subject to pool availability and programming.

6.9. Junior Membership (12 – 15 years old) includes use of the fitness suite during junior approved times, any junior fitness class and unlimited casual swimming at any Volair club during specified junior swimming sessions. Junior swimming is subject to pool availability and programming.  Upon a junior member reaching 16 years of age a membership amendment form must be completed by the direct debit paying adult to upgrade the member to an adult/student membership.  Alternatively a membership cancellation must be completed.

5.9. If you would like more information on the different membership types that are available you should visit our website or contact our customer care team on 0151 443 2200.   Each membership has different restrictions, conditions and benefits, you should be sure you understand which membership is best for your requirements before taking out the membership

5.10. Pay as you go memberships (PAYG): Selected Volair memberships are available to purchase at any Volair reception or online and give one month’s access.  PAYG memberships are none refundable under any circumstances and are 30 consecutive days.

Concessionary (Passport to Leisure)

7.1. Concessionary rates are available to customers who meet the concessionary eligibility criteria.  In order to qualify for any concessionary discounted membership option you are required to supply evidence of your eligibility.  A list of acceptable evidence can be obtained online at volair.org.uk/memberships/passport-leisure-explained/.  Initially you may be charged the full membership rate and this will be reduced at the first direct debit date falling 30 days after your evidence has been provided.  Evidence of eligibility will be required to be shown as specified in our concessionary passport to leisure terms and conditions

7.2. Concessionary eligibility is subject to change.  Volair reserves the right to add/remove or amend the eligibility criteria at any time

7.3. A Passport to Leisure subscription must be purchase following the evidencing of concessionary eligibility before any discounts can be applied

7.4. Passport to Leisure subscriptions are valid for 6 or 12 months.  You can find out the duration of concessionary eligibility on our website or by calling us on 0151 443 2200

7.5. Concessionary (Passport to Leisure) applicable memberships: As per point 4.5. If your Passport to Leisure expires, the membership payment will revert to the standard rate. It is your responsibility to renew your Passport to Leisure and refunds cannot be offered if your Passport to Leisure has not been renewed

7.6. Volair reserves the right to amend the concessionary discount amount at any time

7.7. Selected concessionary eligibility extends to children of the eligible adult. A children’s passport to leisure must also be purchased.

7.8. Armed Forces, Student & Over 60 concessionary eligibility applies only to the eligible adult and does not extend to children

Fitness Suite Use

8.1. All members must complete a PAR-Q application before using the fitness suite

8.2. All members are required to have an induction prior to using the fitness suite

8.3. Personalised programmes are available to help you meet your objectives

8.4. Do not drop free weights /equipment in the fitness suite

8.5. Carry a towel with you in the gym and wipe down equipment after use

8.6. Return gym equipment to its rightful place when finished to maintain a tidy and safe area

8.7. No bags to be taken into the gym or class areas

8.8. The member is responsible for monitoring his/her own physical condition throughout any exercise programme prescribed.

8.9. Our staff are not medically qualified.  If you have any doubts about your fitness or capability to undertake physical exercise we strongly recommend that you take independent medical advice before undertaking any exercise

8.10. Volair fitness staff should be consulted before using any new piece of equipment.  Volair cannot accept responsibility for any injury sustained as a consequence of any item of equipment being used upon which the member has not received instruction.

8.11. Juniors (12-15 years old) can attend the fitness suite during specified junior times.  These times can be requested from any Volair club.  Juniors can attend the gym anytime with an appropriate adult.

8.12. Junior members must complete a junior induction and also have a parent or guardian complete a junior induction form.

8.13. We reserve the right to close certain areas from time to time at our discretion.

Swimming Pool Area

For health & safety reasons you must:

9.1. Obey the instructions of the lifeguard

9.2. Always shower before entering the sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi (Volair Spa) or swimming pool

9.3. Not consume, store, or bring into the changing rooms or swimming pool area, any food or drink in a glass container

9.4. The ages of children allowed to use the swimming pool vary according to guidelines.  Always follow the admission policy when bringing children swimming.  You can find this policy online or at any Volair club

9.5. Babies must wear an appropriate swim nappy

9.6. The use of snorkelling equipment or swimming pool toys not issued by Volair is not permitted

9.7. No shaving in any wet areas including showers, steam, and sauna

9.8. Costumes must be worn at all times whilst within steam room, sauna, swimming pools or Jacuzzi and in public showering areas

9.9. The swimming pool may from time to time be reserved for other groups, lane swimming only or swimming lessons.  Prior notice will be given when possible

9.10. Any person under the age of 16 years old must not use the sauna, stream rooms or Jacuzzi


10.1. Lockers are provided subject to availability; these require a returnable £1 coin or trolley token

10.2. Lockers are the property of Volair Limited and no property should be left inside lockers when members are not using the facilities

10.3. Due to security and health & safety reasons any property left in lockers following a club closing will be removed

10.4. Property inside a locker is left at the owners own risk

Swimming Lessons

Please read the following points carefully as they refer to Volair Learn to Swim scheme and Volair swimming lesson memberships at Volair Limited.  As a member you agree to comply with and adhere to the following terms and conditions.

11.1. Volair operates a continuous programme running through 50 weeks of the year.  As a direct debit member the 50 weeks is averaged out equally over the year and collected monthly.  Cash/Card paying members will be required to pay instalments of 10 weeks in advance.

11.2. Learn to Swim Direct Debit paying members will receive free public swimming during junior swimming sessions

11.3. Direct Debit payments will be amended to cover any relevant bank holidays as and when necessary.  This does not apply for the 2 weeks Christmas break which is not changed within the 50 weeks

11.4. Unpaid Direct Debit payments will result in the swimming lesson service being removed and not reinstated until all monies repaid

11.5. When paying by Direct Debit, your monthly fee will automatically update if the swimmer’s lesson fee changes e.g. if you receive a concessionary discount before stage 4 then advance into a stage 5 lesson

11.6. If during your membership period the swimmer’s contact details change in any way you will be required to inform a Volair by contacting reception, emailing info@volair.org.uk or calling 0151 443 2200

11.7. All lessons are subject to availability

11.8. All swimmers are bound by Volair Club Usage and Conduct terms and conditions

11.9. Membership is non-transferable

11.10. New swimmers can join the swimming lesson programme at any point subject to availability.

11.11. Once payment has been made for swimming lessons, no refunds or reimbursements will be available unless absence is confirmed by signed doctor’s note or medical exemption certificate in case of illness.  In such cases all credits due will be offered as a discount on future swimming lesson payments

11.12. Swimmers must wear appropriate swimming attire.  No jewellery is to be worn at any time during swimming lessons

11.13. All lessons are subject to a 5 minute registration and administration time during the allotted session time, this is to record attendance for health and safety reasons

11.14. Class numbers are restricted and set by Volair to ensure a quality teaching environment and are based on Swim England recommendations

11.15. No non swimmers (including parents/guardians) will be permitted onto the poolside at any time

11.16. Queries regarding swimming lesson progress should be directed to the relevant Swimming Co-ordinator, who will then liaise with the swimmers instructor to gather a response

11.17. Swimmers should not enter the pool until the swimming instructor is present

11.18. Swimmers ability and speed of progression will vary depending upon the individual.  Swimmers will progress when all competencies have been satisfied as set up under the Swim England guidance.  Parents/Guardians will be notified of the swimmers progression via Learn2 swimming portal and will then have the option to select a new lesson

11.19. Parents/Guardians of children under 8 must remain on site for the duration of the lesson

11.20 Ending the membership:  when paying by Direct Debit, you have the right to end the membership within 14 days from the sign up date.  If you end the membership within this period, you will be refunded any pro-rata payments, less any fees for attending lessons.  After 14 days you can end the membership following the initial 4 month term by providing 30 days’ notice (see point 12.1).  Verbal notice cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

11.21. Swim lesson membership freezes will only be offered in medical circumstances and proof of medical reason must be provided by a medical professional

11.22. Concessionary discounts only apply to Stages 1 – 4 and are subject to Volair Concessionary terms & conditions.

Cancellation, Freeze, Amendment of Volair membership

12.1. Cancellation policy and notice periods: It is the member’s responsibility to inform us of an intention to cancel the membership. Failure to abide by this requirement may lead to service charges being applied.  Cancellation notice must be given for all direct debit memberships.  A cancellation request form must be completed online at www.volair.org.uk. We will confirm that we have received your cancellation within 3 working days. Upon cancellation one final direct debit payment will be collected. Minimum Term Members are contractually committed to the length of period as itemised on the service agreement and cannot cancel prior to the expiry date. When this period has passed.

12.2. Membership refunds, or extensions to contracts will not be given under any circumstances

12.3. Minimum Term Membership Transfer: During your commitment period you can transfer your Direct Debit membership to a friend or relative who can then take over the remainder of your existing membership

12.4. Limited right to cancel: during the minimum period of the agreement you may cancel the agreement only;

  1. a) If we fail to maintain the standard of service you would reasonably expect
  2. b) If we alter the operating hours of the service unreasonably
  3. c) If you develop a medical condition which prevents you from using the service on an ongoing basis. An appropriate medical practitioner must provide written evidence that this is so.
  4. d) If you move away from the area by a distance which we consider, at our sole discretion, to be too far to travel to the services for regular use. We shall require evidence that such a move has taken place.
  5. e) If you lose your employment and are unable to keep up the repayments as a result. You must produce documentary evidence and initially we shall be prepared to suspend payments for two months and review your financial situation thereafter.

12.5. If you cancel your membership during the minimum contracted period, other than in the circumstances set out above, we shall be entitled to a termination payment.  The termination payment will be the total of; the arrears (if any), any accumulated late payment charges that have been or will be incurred, the monthly subscriptions that would otherwise have fallen due before the end of the minimum contracted period

12.6. Under exceptional circumstances a member has the option to freeze their membership for a maximum period of 3 months.  These includes point 12.4, circumstances C & D.  All membership freezes are subject to approval by Volair Management





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